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I’ve been playing music since I was around ten. Music is my life. I know I know, musicians always say that music is their life, but I really mean it. I play guitar, and I sing, and sometimes I’m certain it is the only thing on this planet that I am meant to do. 

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I’m not very good at school subjects like math or English, and I’m not good at people or relationships. I’m always just a little too awkward or just a little too aloof for people. Music is how I connect, you know? Classic rock and roll was my jam as a kid. I loved to play the guitar as loudly as possible and let it shake up the whole house. Luckily I’m better at it now.


I play a pretty mixture of indie and rock now, and I write my own music and lyrics. That’s not something a lot of lead guitars can say, but hey, I’m special.

I guess I should talk a bit about why I started this blog. You see, I said music is my life, but that isn’t exactly right. After a while it was more than just music, it was drugs.

It’s dumb and cliché I am quite aware, but I follow under the whole “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” spell that comes with being a fairly talented musician. Not my proudest moment. I’m going to use this blog to chronicle my journey with drugs and music and tell you how I managed to find the light again.

I love music

Man, no one told me that writing would be this exhausting. I thought it would be a bit like talking, but when you write you need your words to come out properly. Lyrics are hard of course, but coming across as a person in this little string of text is honestly difficult. I want to be relatable and be believed, like any other person. That’s why I’m going to be as honest as possible.

There are quite a few things I did that I wish I hadn’t and I’m not going to lie to you, internet. Then what would be the point of this whole thing? No, I’m going to be honest as hell and probably regret it. But that’s what I do. When I go in, I go all in.

So, next time we will get started

Darren again, obviously, as you are currently reading my wonderful blog.

Where was I? Oh yeah, pot.

My parents seriously never had a real talk with me about drugs, and I think that was part of my problem. I’m blaming them for my addiction, I take full responsibility. But they never sat me down and explained how addiction worked and why drugs were so terrible. Instead they just always yelled about not doing them and how they’d ruin my life. They also said that about a lot of other things like television or dating.

As I said, I’ve been playing music for quite a long time. My mom tried to sign me up for all the basic kid classes like karate or soccer, but I never really got into it. By the time I was ten my parents were desperate for me to pick up a hobby so they could have some time to themselves. All the stuff the other kids were into was cool enough, but it never really clicked for me.

Darren again, obviously, as you are currently reading my wonderful blog.

Where was I? Oh yeah, pot.

The bigger you get, the bigger the after parties. At the beginning they were smaller, just a couple people chilling at someone’s apartment after. We would focus on discussing the music, it was so chill and intimate, and I really felt like I was getting somewhere musically.

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