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Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage Crazy Cheap Promo

by on Dec.11, 2010, under Banger Films, Rush Documentary

As part of a “Hey! We’re nominated for a Grammy Award” promo, the documentary is available for 10 -12 bucks for the DVD and Blu-ray respectively. Let’s remind the Grammy committee that this is the greatest music documentary of 2010! Hit up the links below to send your friends and family a killer gift and let everyone at Banger Films, Rounder Records, Alliance Films as well as the Rush lads and management know how much the world loves this band.

This promo only runs until December 17th !!

GET IT => RUSH Blu-ray in USA or CANADA from Amazon

GET IT => RUSH 2-disk DVD in USA or CANADA from Amazon

Check out some recent tweets on the doc.

Thanks everyone as always for the support.

Didn't Jack Black assume this pose on Stage during a show?

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Official Rush Documentary YouTube Channel

by on Jun.14, 2010, under Banger Films, Rush Documentary

Rush has just launched an official YouTube channel with an exclusive sneak peak into the film not seen on any previous trailers! Exclusive new footage!

Check out the link and spread the word. There will be some news related to the DVD release in the coming weeks so be sure to check back often for any new teasers and release information.

Rush You Tube Channel

Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage You Tube Channel !!

Click on the banner below to pre order your copy NOW !!

Pre Order your copy now.

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Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage Screenings Around the World

by on Jun.09, 2010, under Banger Films, Rush Documentary

With the official cinematic release of our Rush Documentary starting to hit theatres around the world I wanted to remind everyone that the Canadian screenings are this weekend!

Rush Documentary Screenings – USA

For a a complete list of available theatres in the US, jump over to and see if the film is showing in your city. If not, gas up the truck and get ready for a road trip! Some cities are SOLD OUT so make sure to grab them while you can.

Rush Documentary Screenings – Canada

For those of us in Canada the best place to check out local screenings is at the site. Check for Rush Documentary Showtimes in Canada. Some cities have 2 nights planned so be sure to grab tickets for both because we may never get this chance again!!

Rush Documentary Screenings – Rest of World

For the rest of the world, many screenings have come and gone. The European screening site is showing listings for Brazil and England so if you are roaming around those 2 countries have a look at the Global Rush Documentary Screenings site and check your local times.

Short and sweet today, and be sure to keep an eye on the official Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage Facebook page !!

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Buy Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage Blu Ray DVD

by on May.16, 2010, under Banger Films, Rush Documentary

Hey! with all this press flying around about the Rush Documentary, why don’t you drift over to our Amazon link and pre-order your copy of the DVD… Check out this link below. Our affiliate id is linked so when you buy through the link, Amazon will kick us back a few cents. Spread the word!!

Pre Order Your Copy Below !!

BUY Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage !!

After you’ve finished with your pre-order, swing back and check out a few more of the latest press pieces that are flooding the net with all the awards and screenings going on. With such a crapload of BS blogs with rehashed duplicate content out there, it takes a bit of weeding but with a bit of help we can usually expose a few of the well written pieces for you. Shout out to DW for keeping the good ones floating in.

A beauty review of the movie from The Documentary Blog: Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage Hot Docs Review

Here’s another one from Keren Bliss at NoiseCreep: Rush Documentary Shows Trio’s Humor And Camaraderie

Another award for the Boys and Girls at Banger Films. Hot Docs Audience Awards Winners Announced

V Magazine interview with Sam and Scot. Meet the headbangers bringing you the history of this epic Canadian rock band

Great CNN Interview with new footage: Rush keeps rocking with a new documentary and tour. CNN’s Andrea Mineo speaks with the band.

Nifty site featuring global theatrical release info for the Documentary. Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage: Global Theatrical Release Dates

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Tribeca Fans Hail RUSH Documentary as Best Film

by on May.03, 2010, under Banger Films, Rush Documentary

I know I’m sorta late getting this out, but…..

Well, they’ve done it again, in a different city with a new documentary. Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage has just won the Tribeca Heineken┬« Audience Award. Hot on the heels after winning a similar fan choice award for Iron Maiden: Flight 666 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas last year. This time however the award comes with a niftly little cash award of $25,000. Come on!! Well done guys. This simply confirms the ability of Banger Films to script and develop ground breaking documentaries which step outside of the standard ‘music documentary’ formula.

Along with this amazing news, here are a few more video links from various sources as they popped up in the news feeds. Or check out the posts over at Rush is a Band for some killer posts with links throughout!

Short gala night piece from the HotDocs opening night with some face time with Scot and Sam and Rush (Yup, the fellahs made it to the Canadian Premiers as they should, well done!).

Go read up on Day 2 of Hot Docs. Then check out some more of the same regurgitated story of the Tribeca fans choice award. As if we can get enough of that. Thanks ABC News! Here’s some more link love for The Wrap cuz I think the title is great. There are also a ton of magnificent films that passed through town on the Tribeca bill, check out a few news pieces on them in this feed. Thanks again D for sending over this link of some interview footage of Sam and Scot and whatnot.

Oh and this guy is having a great time listening to himself talk. It is great reading actually. :)

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