The Reset

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty guys. It really wasn’t.

Picture this: classic moment. Up and coming rock star overdoses in his hotel room after a show. Bandmates find him virtually comatose, needle still in his arm and eyes to the sky. They tried waking me up of course, but I wasn’t responsive. They weren’t even sure I was leaving.

My band saved my life. They called 911 and got me help so that I didn’t die, but that was when I realized I needed to get out.

This was not the music’s fault, it was mine. Music had never done anything to me. But I had been foolish and risked too much, and there was no getting it back. I had to put my health first and get my life together before I had any right to play music again.

I checked into rehab with my bandmates blessings, and it took a while, but I’m here now. I’m clean and sober, and I’ve changed a bit. I don’t party, I don’t play rock. I’m a lot chiller. I play at coffee shops, and I go to NA meetings.

I don’t put myself in the type of environment that could introduce me to drugs again. That really does mean giving up the rock scene for now because I know I’m just not strong enough. Maybe I will be someday, but if not then honestly it’s okay.

Recognizing when you’ve lost the battle is the first step to recovery. I’ll never give up music, but I can give up the scene that isn’t safe for me.

I hope my story maybe helped you in some way. If anything, at least make sure you talk to your kids and be honest with them. Overall, if you’re a musician, make sure you stick to the music because that’s the most important thing.

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