When I Started Smoking Pot

Welcome back to the might blog of Darren, The Musician. Haha, just kidding guys. I mean, I am pretty great, not to toot my own horn. But I could have been so much better if I hadn’t let drugs become more important than the music. Take it from me guys: focus on the music.

So last time I talked a bit about my mysterious first music teacher whose name shall not be mentioned. He was pretty great, but I guess I should have mentioned that he smoked pot. Not when I was with him at first, I mean, I was ten. But there was always this warm, heavy, smoky scent about him that I associated with his garage and he was always so chill.

By the time I was 14 he’d started smoking a joint before lessons, and when I was fifteen, he’d offer me a hit. I took it of course. I was a kid, and an adult was offering me pot; it wasn’t like I was going to turn it down. That was the epitome of “cool” right there.

I’m not going to say that pot was my gateway drug or anything. Nothing as big as all that. I smoked it recreationally. I wasn’t like the stoners who sat in the back of the field at lunch and puffed their way through the day. I didn’t need to be high at all times to function.

Instead, I just liked the way it made me felt. It loosened me up and eased out my anxiety and made me more relaxed let me sink into my music. I wasn’t addicted to pot, but the problem was that it made me feel like drugs were a bit safer than everyone made them out to be when they weren’t.

The adults around me, my music teacher notwithstanding, acted like pot was the devil. They always said weed would lead to hard drugs and everything was addictive. I think marijuana has the potential to cause addiction like anything that makes you feel good, but that was up to the person. Somehow I thought this applied to every drug as well.

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